5 reasons that footstools are an essential part of home furnishings

Footstools are popular home furnishing items for many reasons, not all of which are aesthetic, some are actually practical reasons too.

For quite a few years you’ve been able to buy matching footstools for your 3 piece suite from most high street retailers, and some of these come with a pretty hefty price tag for the matching stool. But what happens when it’s just the footstool that you want to buy?

Crafted Home Decor specialises in home accessories such as small and large footstools which also come with their own unique design and quite often matching cushions and other accessories such as benches all with matching upholstery.

These additional accessories can add a really warm and homely feel as opposed to having just a sofa and chairs that you bought from a superstore. With the additional amount of time which we are all spending at home these days it’s important to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Making your home aesthetically pleasing is known for creating a more peaceful space and this can help to combat the stress and pressure of the work day. We can all do with a little less stress and a little more peace in our lives.  

Footstools are popular with both younger couples, families and older people too. In particular, the elderly or infirm can benefit from having a footstool around the home as they are known to improve circulation and blood flow and therefore can help to prevent blood clots which can cause deep vein thrombosis in elderly people. 

For younger couples, when you’re at home relaxing and maybe playing video games or watching a movie, there’s nothing nicer than being able to put your feet up and get comfortable. If you choose a large footstool for your home then two people can quite comfortably relax together. If you want a quick extension to your sofa to accommodate another person or extend an L Shaped sofa so that two people can put their feet up comfortably then a footstool is a great option and much more economical than buying a bigger sofa. 

You can also use footstools to help divide a room into a living and dining area or living area and playroom. They are a quick and easy way to separate a room into different zones.

Putting your feet up on a footstool can also relieve lower back pain which many of us now suffer from due to extended periods of time spent sitting down. Studies show that sitting down all day is not ideal for your health and a foot rest can be a great way to encourage active sitting like ankle rotation exercises while you’re at your desk or sitting on the sofa. Active sitting is encouraged for office/home office workers and the elderly to prevent long term health issues caused by sitting down for too long everyday. 

Footrests are also multi functional and can be used for much more than just resting your feet on. If you don’t have a small coffee table or side table then they can be used to place drinks or even ornaments and display items. A larger footstool can be used as an extra seat for someone who doesn’t mind sitting low down and unlike extra chairs they are still small enough to be hidden away when not in use. 

Some footstools even have storage compartments inside which you access by lifting the lid. This can be a great place for storing books, toys and all sorts of essential items that you don’t necessarily want on display around the house. 

If you have young children at home, footstools can make a great table for them when everyone else is enjoying a casual meal or snack on the sofa. We all like to enjoy a pizza in front of a movie now and again and kids can be messy eaters so it’s great to have a table or something that can act as a table for them to balance their plates on. 

Many families even find that their footstools become a favourite spot for their pet and even get used as a pet bed quite frequently. Often bought first as an aesthetical piece, people find that their footstools have many practical uses around the home and some that you’d never even think of. 

No matter what your reason is for buying a footstool, Crafted Home Decor has a wide selection of both small and large footstools to choose from.