How to choose the right legs for your footstool.

A footstool is an important and often functional part of home furniture and when you are choosing your footstool it’s important to look at how it will fit in with the rest of your furniture. 

Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a beautiful vintage-filled home, footstools can be a huge part of making your space feel more cozy. 

It’s important when choosing the right size and shape of footstool for you to consider the spacing between your feet and your arm or leg rests. You should find that the footstool should be spaced slightly further apart when placed on the floor. This will make sure you have room to move around and get comfortable without having to adjust the stool to accommodate your changes in position.

The type of footstool you choose is directly related to the type of work you do and the types of activities you engage in. The best footstool for your needs will vary depending on how you are going to use it, what kinds of activities you do, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

The legs on footstools are one of the most important parts. They need to be strong and sturdy so they can hold up your feet and prevent slippage. While there are tons of different wood materials available to create a sturdy leg, hardwood is the most traditional choice for footstools.

If you have a modern contemporary home style then you may decide to choose straight legs which have a much more up to date feel.

If your furniture is more traditional, then you may prefer turned legs which have an older, more classical feel to them. 

Large Footstool - Tatton Country Fabric

What is the best type of finish for footstool legs?

Our footstools typically come with either mahogany, natural or waxed legs. The best way to choose the right legs for your footstool is to consider the other types of furniture and what will match best.

The same goes for the type of finish you choose, wax finish on footstools is known as the ‘classic finish’ which has been used for hundreds of years to enhance wooden furniture and also to protect the wood. If your footstool is likely to have food or drinks spilled on it then you may want to choose a wax finish which is waterproof and will protect it against stains. Waxing the legs of your footstool will darken the wood slightly so it’s important to take this into consideration too.

If you have a very modern home, then straight, natural legs may be the best choice for your new footstool. However, bear in mind that they will not have any protection so this style should only be considered if the footstool will be used very lightly. 

Mahogany legs are dark and often best suited to a traditional home. For older people, with less contemporary furniture the best choice of legs for their footstool could be mahogany, turned legs. 

Check out our range of both small and large footstools to find the type that suits you best.