Interior Design ideas for your bedroom

Some people only see a bedroom as a place to sleep, while others use it as a functional room for relaxation and create a space that can be used as a quiet work spot, dressing room, or that little place you need to run away to with a good book and a glass of wine.

So why not create an interior that works for all your needs, Crafted Home Decor can help in many ways, and our insightful blog will give you a few ideas.

Footstool decor ideas add comfort to interiors as well as being practical. They can also tie into interior design schemes with simple space effective seating options.

Designing Bedrooms

Not everyone feels that bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home.

However when you look at our lives today, with long hours at work and busy family commitments, that seem to make the pace of life move faster and faster, we believe that having a cosy place to unwind and recharge is a must have. 

And if it's going to meet those needs for cosiness and relaxation, it makes sense to put some interior design into the room.

Now it does not have to cost a fortune, sometimes just a few simple decorating tricks, from a clever colour palette and simply adding crafted high quality small footstools can make dramatic changes. 

Think of the different styles of legs on footstools and colours, fabrics, designs and functional uses for make up, nursing baby, chilling looking out the window and more. People have used footstools for thousands of years because of their flexible integration into so many interior design ideas.

A little research into the history books tells us that footstools were first introduced to inter design as far back as Ancient Egypt where they were used to help royalty and gentry climb onto presumably large chairs. They then doubled as a second use item as people perching off the ground on large chairs or thrones with their legs dangling down could rest them on the stool. 

Today footstools are used in a similar way.

Realistic Bedroom Planning

Researching the latest bedroom interior design trends to put to the test is fun, but practicality often dictates styling to a certain degree. The trending colours are very much nature driven this year, with people getting in touch with mother nature and the great outdoors again and creating the desire to bring nature's splendour into the home.

For smaller bedrooms you could consider integrating features like graphic wallpaper or non-traditional pieces of furniture to infuse your space with personality.

Size matters and if your bedroom is fairly spacious, settling on the right amount of furniture is key. You don't want to leave it feeling crowded and too few items can lead to an auster design scheme, which can limit colours and fabrics.

You can get wonderfully creative with inviting paint colours and stylish headboards to statement lighting and window treatments. 

However, if you have a small bedroom, you need to be equally as thoughtful with furniture placement and choices to ensure that the space doesn't look over cluttered.

Energy or serenity are often the choices, do you need to feel empowered and awakened in the mornings by those bright colours and vivid patterns, or do you wish for soft styling with cushions and darker drapes or blinds. It's great to start your day at a cosy desk or dresser comfortably seated on a beautifully cushioned large footstool which could also simply be at the bottom of your bed.

Once you have your space planned and laid out, run a functionality test, are there plug points for all appliances and are they in reach, can you close the drapes without stubbing your toe. Is there space to move and sit easily, and do draws open without catching other items in the room.

If you need to remove items then there's still a  lot of scope to put your personal stamp on your bedroom with artwork and small pieces of decor that reflect your style and design goals.

A few well placed colourful books, a bright or nicely patterned tissue holder, ornaments that remind you of family and travels and a craftsman designed footstool that fits the room is the perfect finish.

You will be inspired by the number and depth of designs available with Crafted Home Decors footstool range. All bedroom sizes and styles are enhanced.

There's many different types of footstools and different ways to use them in interiors. Here's how to tell the difference and pick the perfect one for a room.

A standard or small footstool will have fairly short legs and normally enough room for one person. Then there are the larger sizes,  which are sometimes called a footstool bench. These large footstools can have longer legs and often accommodate two or three people, or are simply used as decoration.

An ottoman, on the other hand, doubles as storage. The top lifts open and can make a handy and decorative solution in shared spaces. This is particularly true in smaller rooms, living rooms, and children's playrooms, but they do totally fill space to the eye.

And now to bed

We believe that bedrooms are very personal spaces and you should always decorate yours in a way that makes the space relaxing and functional or if you use the room only for sleeping, a deeply calming room that promotes the perfect night's sleep.

But there are still ways to easily create an area for makeup, dressing, work or reading with a quality comfortable footstool as part of that space

They can be made with plain or patterned fabric for a stylish addition to any room. 

Speak to our friendly team at Crafted Home Decor today for inspiring ideas.