Top ways to keep your home organised & clutter free

The furniture in your home is not only there to be aesthetically pleasing but can also perform a functional use of helping to keep your house organised.

There are a number of different furnishings available from Hide and Thread which can also be used as storage for toys, books, clothes and other items to keep clutter away from your general living areas.

Coat & Shoe Racks

With winter fast approaching, we are seeing coats, hats and boots as regular, everyday clothing and we need somewhere to keep these items that is both practical and ensures they are easily accessible for when you are dashing out of the door.

To help you store your coats and shoes away neatly we have two sizes of coat and shoe racks available. One coat rack with 9 hooks and one rack with a shelf and six hooks.

Storage Bench

Storage Benches

In addition to this we also have a number of different size storage benches with shoe racks which can be used to store various items, keep your shoes or even as an extra seat. Our storage benches come in 5 different types of fabric or we can customise to meet your needs. 




If you’re looking for other types of versatile furniture to match your new storage items then you may want to check out our range of small and large footstools These can double up as a chair or table for everyday or occasional use and can be made to match other items from our collection. Typically, our footstools don’t come with built-in storage but if you have a specific need, please speak to our team who will discuss the options with you and try to meet your needs.

Other ways to keep your home organised

Set a date for a spring clean and throw away, sell or donate any items you haven’t used in the last six months. It’s really easy to keep things we don’t need anymore just for the sake of it or to avoid buying again in the future but cleaning out these unwanted items can have a great benefit for your mental health and peace of mind. 

Aim to declutter your home at least twice a year and implement a one in, one out system. So everytime you buy something new, something old has to go. 

Say no to impulse purchases, free gifts, good deals on products you wouldn’t buy otherwise or anything you don’t really need. 

Knowing what you like helps you to limit the number of things you take home. Sometimes, the difference between a minimalist and a clutter-accumulator is simply the ability to say, "I like that, but it’s not really 'me,' so I’ll just leave it here."