Home interior design trends in 2022

Experts suggest that in 2022 our choice of colour palette will become more confident as we experience new feelings of hope and positivity for the future, and, according to recent research, we will find happiness and fulfilment in rolling up our sleeves and tackling DIY home projects.

It also seems that 2022 could be the year of the independent furniture manufacturer. More and more people are opting for customised furniture designs as opposed to large high street brands.

Individuality is becoming much more popular and many of us are seeking ways to bring our individuality into our home setting. 

Now that we’ve settled into a work from home lifestyle that seems to be here to stay, investing into your home decor seems even more important given the amount of time we’re spending at home. 

Indoor plants and foliage will be a huge part of home design trends in 2022, bringing the outdoors - indoors with staircase gardens, green painted walls and flower murals are just some of what we can expect to see.

Following the work from home trend, making our home offices as comfortable as possible will be high on the agenda. From trendy footstools to comfortable cushions you will find every accessory possible on the remote workers home shopping list this year. 

With the view of protecting the environment, handmade items from reclaimed materials will also be increasing in popularity. From benches to coat and shoe racks, dining tables and even staircases you will find a wide range of styles available utilising reclaimed wood and materials. 

In the UK a growing number of consumers are seeking out vintage, antique, and handcrafted furnishings and decor for their homes. Slowing down has given people the opportunity to explore hands-on activities like ceramics, painting, and baking, therefore developing a taste for original and unusual items. 

We are moving away from minimalist and more into traditional, high quality furnishings. Fast fashion is becoming a thing of the past in furniture as more and more consumers are purchasing for the long term.

With multiple generations now living under one roof becoming more common, it’s important to purchase long lasting, multi purpose furniture which will last for years to come.

Other upcoming interior design trends in 2022 include:

Adding wallpaper in unusual places such as ceilings, cupboards and on top of cabinets. Upcycling, this basically means you take unwanted pieces and waste materials and turn this into a new product. Large windows and bare plaster walls are also set to be making their mark this upcoming year.