Why your home needs a small footstool with legs

A footstool is an incredibly versatile and useful piece of furniture that has multiple uses all over your home. We love seeing our customers get creative with their footstools, which come in a vast range of shapes and sizes. In this article we will explain why a small footstool with legs is such a valuable addition to your home.  

For example a small footstool is ideal as a seat for a child and helps them to feel special and grown up as they have their own spot in the lounge. Most footstools are the ideal height for kids to sit on and can be used regularly or just when you have kids over to visit.  

Our footstools come in a wide variety of different fabrics and are durable to withstand spills without getting spoilt.  

Footstools are back in fashion, not only the type that match your sofa but as an accessory in their own right. Match them with our cushion covers for a truly stylish look that compliments any home.  

A block colour sofa with patterned cushions and a patterned footstool looks really smart especially if you choose one of our popular multispot or stag print fabrics. You can transform any room easily with a carefully chosen footstool and accessories. 

If you live in the city you may find that you have minimal space at home and need items of furniture that have multiple uses. A footstool is the perfect versatile accessory that can be used as a dining chair, office seat, coffee table, bookshelf or even a pet bed. Many people choose to use their footstool as a handy kitchen seat when they don’t have space for a dining table. Or if you feel like adding a seat to your bathroom but space is restricted, a footstool could be the perfect answer.  

Small Footstool - Bee Fabric - Mahogany or Waxed Turned Legs

There are so many different uses for a small footstool with legs that you won’t regret your purchase, even if you end up using it for a totally different purpose than you intended. Invest in some matching cushions to totally revamp your space on a budget or give your home a makeover with our uniquely crafted home storage solutions