Over the last few months we have seen many people asking ‘How Can I decorate for 2022?’ colourWe are seeing a lot of curvy and rounded edges in furniture trends including sofa sets, and other accessories like footstools and benches. Soft furnishings like cushions are making use of the official Summer 2022 colours such as light blue and green. 

Blue is an easy to use colour giving any room a light and airy feel and the natural ambience of green brings the essence of outdoors into any home. 

This summer you will see a lot of rounded, curved chairs and sofas with matching round footstools. Trending fabrics include velvet although some designers believe this doesn’t match with the fashionable colours this summer.  

For the last few years, minimalism has been in fashion but this year is seeing a return to maximalist interior design trends. Although curvy furniture is in fashion, most designers are incorporating very soft lines including arcs and curves in all of their furniture.  

In 2022 we are seeing a resurgence of colour, pattern and maximalist interior decorating trends. The key is to contrast bright colours with plenty of neutrals and natural materials, to avoid an overwhelming look.

What style of furniture is in style for 2022?

Curved furniture with soft lines will be popular in 2022,” she says. “Nearly every manufacturer, from ultra-high-end down to more budget-friendly vendors, incorporated soft lines, arcs, and curves in all of their furniture. This was introduced last year but has really taken off in 2022. 

In 2022 and beyond, interiors are increasingly becoming less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression.

Rather than specific trends declining, we’re starting to see the lines between different design styles blurring, and as you scroll through below, you’ll see an interesting mix of decorating styles.

In the coming year we’ll also see lots of curved architectural elements in the home, including arched doorways, curved bar designs and curved kitchen island countertops.

Of course Summer is the time for BBQ’s and being outdoors which is why many people are using green pastel shades in their living areas to bring a feel of outdoors to indoors. 

2022 decor trends will see luxurious makeovers to some of the the least-expected spots in the home, including laundry rooms, closets, under stair cupboards and other storage spaces. One way to make the most out of your understairs storage is by adding a coat and shoe rack. 

But adding a luxurious feeling to a space doesn’t have to involve an entire overhaul, you can easily add a throw or a cushion cover to freshen up a room and give it an almost new look for very little cost. 

If you have chosen a natural look then more bold accessories like cushions and footstools in an animal print can work very well. 

We see that a lot of people are choosing wall tapestries and brass ornaments as a way to add colour and texture to their natural decors.

Of course, keeping sustainability in mind is a key factor in 2022  and natural fibres, products made of recycled materials, vintage furniture, and made-to-order items are high on the list of many home decorators.