Home Decor Trends for Autumn 2022

Autumn is a time when leaves are falling and kids are going back to school. Although we know that winter will soon be here we often feel like holding onto the last moments of Summer while we can.

That may be one reason why green is a popular interior design colour in autumn to give an idea of bringing outdoors indoors. These green shades are often complimented with warm oranges and browns to combat the falling temperatures outside. 

Soft lighting and the warm glow of a log fire creates an inviting autumn ambience in any home and is complimented by the soft round curves found in 2022 furniture trends.

If you don’t want to change your whole decor just for Autumn then adding earthy coloured accessories such as cushions, throws and other inexpensive items can make a big difference to the way a room looks. 

Items like rustic handmade footstools can help to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in a room along with soft rugs to keep your feet warm underneath. 

Autumn is a time of year where there is the perfect mix of warm sun and cool breezes, coupled with the beautiful colours of the turning landscape,When it comes to interiors, autumn is the perfect time to embrace this transitional feeling – and use it as a time to reset, refresh, and prepare your home for the cooler months."

Autumn styling is all about layers, like heavy floor rugs and soft blankets on your bed, snuggly throws on your sofa, lots of plush cushions and warm rugs underfoot, You can layer many textures together also, materials such as velvet, wool, cashmere and flannel and thick natural linens. By including these materials, you will create an inviting and cosy feel in your space. 

The autumn season also calls for heavy patterns, so again, think about embracing this trend through accessories more than changing your main furniture. This year will see lots of patterns in autumn decoration trends, classics such as tweed and tartan will be back with force.

When should you start decorating for Autumn

Early September is a great time to start preparing your home for the transition from Summer to Autumn. Although the last day of summer is not until the end of the month, September is often seen as a transition month with the typically warm, sunny days of August well and truly over. 

If you are looking to add wooden furniture to your home then autumn is a great time to introduce it. While darker woods are often more associated with winter, lighter woods with a natural tone can compliment an earthy, autumn decor. At Crafted Home Decor our furniture is available in the wood of your choice. 

Other interior decor trends this autumn include plush velvet, leather couches, brass ornaments and plaid rugs. 

How do I make my home cosy for Autumn?

A few ideas that we haven’t already discussed in detail include layering up your sofas with cushions and throws to match the season, lighting some seasonal candles and creating displays around your home with seasonal candy. Add some art with rich autumn colours, even displays of leaves, pinecones or branches can make a home feel more cosy in Autumn. 

At the time of year when we know winter is not far away we still want to make the most of the light nights don’t forget about optimising your garden for autumn with cushions on your outdoor furniture and maybe even a patio heater to help you keep warm on those long autumn evenings.