Winter Home Decor Trends in 2022

Winter is the time when we can all enjoy being at home and preparing for fun and festivities with family. As the UK typically has cold weather in winter time from November through to February, staying home and keeping warm is a firm favourite with many Brits.

If you are spending more time than usual at home then you want your home to be a warm, inviting environment with lots of comfort and a touch of luxury.

Warm colours such as orange, red and brown are popular in winter along with imitation log fires and outdoor, natural decors.

It’s the ideal time to stock up on rugs, throws, warm soft fabric cushions and other items to make your home feel super cosy this winter.

If you don’t already have a footstool then now is the perfect time to shop for a luxurious handmade footstool and put your feet up in front of the fireplace this winter. 

What are the best home accessories for Winter 2022?​​

Soft accessories with extra comfort like warm throws and quilts as well as patterned cushions are the latest winter interior design trends. Having blankets or throws folded over the back of a sofa gives a visual feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Wooden accessories always give a homely feel, even if you don’t have the budget for wood panel floors or a new dining suite then you could always swap out a painting for a real wood art piece. There’s always the option to add a smaller piece of wooden furniture like a hallway bench or dining table benches

If you don’t have a fireplace at home but still want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere then why not add a basket of logs to your living room decor to create a fireplace effect without the additional outlay. 

Other low cost options include candle decorations which give both a warming glow and a festive feeling. This winter fashion focuses specifically on candlesticks and the different types available. 

What colours are trending for Christmas 2022? 

The feelings of warmth, security and tranquillity are reflected in this year’s Christmas colour combination of bright crimson and dark green. Dark blue and black also add a graceful depth to the theme, which is enhanced by gold and white accents. 

For a full-blown warm experience the entwinement of reed and golden accents, or red and living plants’ green is definitely a winning combination for a festive, welcoming, and warm experience. Just imagine a deep warm red, a jazzy golden sparkle, and the spice of forest green,

A few branches from a pine tree beautifully arranged with decorative ornaments, either glass or even dry fruits and berries, can become a perfect focal centre for your Christmas decoration project.